These courses are now available remotely via Zoom

Filming with a mobile phone

Visual Monkeys run a really practical and often 'sold out' hands-on introductory workshop to help you learn the basics about how to film on your mobile phone.  We have run this workshop one-to-one, for small teams and for groups.  It's only three hours and we can run it remotely or face-to face, basically we tailor it to your needs. 

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Set up your phone or tablet for video.

  • Correctly focus and expose your shots, use natural light and record great audio.

  • Use your mobile device efficiently to record a short film.

  • Understand the basics of editing footage and audio

Don't forget, if you create a film Visual Monkeys can always edit your content and create the final product for you.

Follow Up Course:

An introduction to video editing

Introduction to Podcasting

Audio Monkeys run an easy to digest, two hour workshop which will enable you to plan and record a simple podcast.  This is just the basics to help you get started.  We can run this remotely for small groups or face-to-face for larger groups depending on what you want.

By the end of the workshop you will understand the basics about:

  • The equipment and environment you need to record a podcast.

  • Using a microphone to get the best sound.

  • Plan a podcast.

  • Publish your content. 

Don't forget if you record content for a podcast, Audio Monkeys can always edit the final package for you.

Follow Up Course:

An introduction to podcast editing