Video Production

We focus on simplicity so that you can efficiently have a high quality video produced, edited and ready to upload to your website.  This is how we like to work.


It’s important to us to know you and understand your business because we want to be an extension of your team.  

Visual Monkeys work best when we fully understand your audience, brand and identity so that we can portray your business at its best in the video.


At Visual Monkeys we work with you to understand what you really want, because we can flex up with specialist resources depending on your needs.  Whether it’s a simple 15 minute one-to-one interview or a live event which requires a multi-camera shoot, we can make it happen.  We will produce the best quality film to appeal to your specific audience, in line with your budget.


Visual Monkeys work with clients who have specific requirements in the edit, so attention to detail is just what we do.  To make sure the final film is edited and encoded to your technical requirements, we will work closely with you. 

Click through a couple of the videos below and if you like what you are looking for please feel free to call Pete on 07714 920 353 or contact him by email.