Podcast Production

We like to make it simple to work with us, so that it's easy for you to have a professionally produced, edited and distributed podcast.  This is how we work:


We will spend time getting to know you and understand your business – we want to be an extension of your team.  Audio Monkeys perform best when we fully understand your audience and work towards joint business goals.  Knowing you means that we can create a podcast format and product that will help you build your niche audience.  We help you to form a plan and support you to create a balanced schedule of guests – as we all know, content is king.  


This is where we record your episodes, we need to work together to produce the best podcast.  At Audio Monkeys, we work remotely and therefore are able to operate flexibly, offering advice about things like equipment, microphone technique and how we best enhance the sound wherever the recording is taking place.  Making things simple is in our DNA.


Audio Monkeys works best in an open and friendly way.  Before we record, we make sure that the podcast host and guests have the right technical equipment to optimise sound and we put them at ease along the way.  Every recording is set up, guided and monitored by Pete who is a sound engineer.  He gives hints and tips to make sure we all get the best outcome.  We will also work with your podcast host to record an introduction and summary to the podcast.  This makes sure the podcast flows right for the listener.


Before the edit, we will gather your feedback on the content and understand any changes you may wish to make.  Then we will edit the content, enhance the audio mix and add any music or effects that we have chosen to make the podcast really zing.  

Podcast Set-up and Publishing

When you are happy with the final product, we will get it online.  To get you set-up we will need podcast artwork and show notes which fit with your brand and identity, so we will work with you to get this right.  We also offer a transcription service for those who want it.  We will then publish your podcast to providers like Apple iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts among others and after a couple of days you will be live online.  

If this sounds like what you are looking for, contact Pete by email or by phone on 07714 920 353